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Frequent short anecdotes and funnies are posted here. Plus bonus adorableness!

Email:  reactivechampion (at) gmail (dot) com
I do not have internet access at home, so I tend to be slow in responding. Sorry about that!

Feel free to contact me if you'd like me to do product reviews or advertising.

I do NOT accept guest posts from people representing a company. No, really, my readers are not interested in your product. Have you even read my blog?

I will NOT do reviews, publish press releases, or provide advertising unless your product/website meets both of the following criteria:

1. It must not violate my personal training ethics; this means I will not provide links nor advertisements to companies that support force-based training (such as e-collars).
2. I need to get something out of it, OR my readers should get some value out of it. I like money and free products. My readers do, too, but I may post about awareness campaigns, charities, etc. if I feel that it is relevant to my overall message.