General Training
These are links to collections of articles on a wide variety of topics.
Clicker Solutions Articles
Dog Star Daily
Karen Pryor's Clicker Training Site
Kathy Sdao's Articles
Pamela Dennison's Articles
Pat Miller's Articles
Shirley Chong's Site
Sue Ailsby's Original Training Levels
Turid Rugaas' Questions and Answers
Whole Dog Journal
Free Email Course from Canis Clicker Training

How to...
Stop a Dog from Chewing on the Leash While Walking
Decide if You Should Use No Reward Markers (requires log-in, but worth it!)
Keep a Crate-Bound Dog Busy
Find a Lost Dog
Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car
Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car (So Important I've Included a Second Article)
Teach Your Dog to Love a Head Halter

Find a Trainer
APDT on How to Choose a Trainer
Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partners
Truly Dog Friendly
Jean Donaldson's Academy for Dog Trainers Graduate List (PDF)

Resources for Reactive Dogs
Working with Fearful and Shy Dogs
The Relaxation Protocol: Instructions
The Relaxation Protocol: MP3 Files

Find a Veterinary Behaviorist- Local and Distance Options
Find a Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist
Fax Consults with a Veterinary Behaviorist

Dog Body Language
ASPCA's Dog Body Language Chart (PDF)
Body Language Diagrams from the Humane Society of Silicon Valley (PDF)
Body Language Quiz
Calming Signals: An Interview with Turid Rugaas
Colleen Pelar: Stress Signals in Dogs
Diamonds in the Ruff: Body Language Diagrams
Doggone Safe: Signs of Anxiety
Space Invaders: How You Affect Your Dog

Setting Goals for Competition
APDT Rally Obedience
CDSP Obedience
UKC Event Finder

On Dominance and Punishment
APDT Position Statement on Dominance
APDT on Dominance Myths and Dog Realities
AVSAB Position Statement on Dominance (PDF)
AVSAB Position Statement on Punishment in Training (PDF)
Beyond Cesar Millan: A Collection of Information
Dr. Patricia McConnell: Beyond the Dominance Paradigm
Dr. Sophia Yin: The Dominance Controversy
Morgan Spector: Beyond the Dominance Myth (PDF)
Time Magazine on the Myth of the Alpha Dog
Why I Don't Like Shock Collars- Including Correction, Bark, and Invisible Fence Collars (Warning: Graphic)

Health and Nutrition
Dog Aware: A Comprehensive Health Site
Understanding Your Dog's Bloodwork
ASPCA's Animal Poison Control

Long Term Health Effects of Spaying and Neutering (PDF)
Chris Zink on Spay/Neuter
Rethinking Spay and Neuter Surgeries

Don't Vaccinate: Titer!
Dr. Jean Dodds' Recommended Vaccination Schedule
Robin's Post on Vaccinations

The Dog Food Project: Learn About Your Dog's Kibble
Monica Segal: My Favorite Dog Nutritionist

Are Laser Pointers Safe for Your Dog? (Probably not)
Allergies Overview
FDA Pet Product Recalls
Medical Assistance for Pets
Whole Dog Journal Article on Anxiety Meds- Updated Summer 2011!

Breeders and Testing
How to Choose a Breeder
What a Good Breeder Does
Volhard Puppy Test: Controversial but Interesting
Choosing a Performance Cardigan (PDF)
Developmental Stages

Before You Get Your Puppy, an e-book by Ian Dunbar (PDF)
After You Get Your Puppy, an e-book by Ian Dunbar (PDF)
Dog Star Daily's Free Downloads

AVSAB on Socialization and Vaccinations (PDF)
APDT Chronicle of the Dog Article on Socialization and Vaccination (PDF)
Common Myths and Realities regarding Socialization
The Puppy's Rules of Twelve (Word Doc)
Socialization Chart (PDF)
Leema Kennel's Socialization Checklist (PDF)
Robin's List of Ideas
Andrea, Agility Addict's List

Structure and Function
Diane Jessup: Soundess in Pitbulls (But Useful for All Breeds)
Joanna Kimball: What is a Sound Dog?
Helen King: Structure and the Performance Dog

Minnesota Resources
Paws Abilities Dog Training (I teach here!)
A Great Dog Now Training
Lake Harriet Veterinary
The Minnesota Mixed Breed Club
Twin Cities Obedience and Training Center
University of Minnesota Animal Behavior Department

Beauty of the Beasts: Awesome Dog Shirts (For People)
AVSAB's Learning Library
Research Papers
Seminars from Harvard
B.F. Skinner and... Video Games?!
Teaching Rear-End Awareness (Video)
Extreme Sheep Herding (Video)
Sara's Premack Essay
Harvard's Lectures on The Cognitive Dog
The Poisoned Cue Study