I love going to seminars, and as a result, I go to as many as I can afford. I then come home and write eleventy billion posts (that's the official number) about what I learned. I do this because I learn best by writing, both when I take the notes originally, and then again when I organized them into blog posts. As it turns out, people love to read my notes from seminars, so it's a win/win for us all!

Finding Seminars
I find seminars in a variety of ways. If I'm interested in a particular trainer/speaker, I will go to their website. Often, it will include a link to upcoming seminars. There are also a number of websites that list upcoming seminars. Here are the ones I use:
Dog Seminars Directory
IAABC Listing
CCPDT Listing (Click on Continuing Education in Menu)
Dog Seminars on Yahoo Groups
Dogs of Course's Calendar
Puppy Works Events
Narnia Pets (Chicago)

Upcoming Seminars
These are the seminars I'm thinking about attending:
None listed

Seminars I've Attended
Patricia McConnell, December 2008
Dog-dog aggression (no notes- pre-blog)

Pat Miller, March 2009
Canine body language, creating and implementing behavior modification plans, reactivity and aggression, and the top five mistakes positive trainers make (no notes- pre-blog)

Suzanne Clothier, March 2010
The Elemental Questions
Structure and Function
Working with Reactive Dogs: The auto check-in.
Performance Dogs, Their Personalities, and Reactivity
The Trial Environment and Reactivity
Humane Training
Where Clicker Trainers Go Wrong
Wrap Up

Pat Miller, April 2010
Functional Analysis
Two Ways to Treat Aggression

Control Unleashed, with Alexa Karaoulis, August 2010
Whiplash Turns
Leave It
Look at That!
Off-Switch Games
Give Me a Break
Final Thoughts

Ian Dunbar, October 2010
Don't Waste Puppyhood!
Socialization and Bite Inhibition
Problems in the Adult Dog
Is Learning Theory Useful for Dog Trainers?
Providing Feedback to Our Dogs
Punishment, the Dog-Con System, and Instructive Reprimands
Types of Reward Based Training
Lure-Reward Training Done Correctly
Train the Opposite to Solve Behavior Problems
Off Leash Reliability
Wrap Up

Clicker Expo 2011 (Chicago)
Overview and Introduction
Karen Pryor: Punishment and the Public
Ken Ramirez: Aggression Treatment and Context, Part 1 and Part 2
Kathy Sdao: You're in Great Shape
Kathy Sdao: What a Cue Can Do, Part 1 and Part 2
Kathy Sdao: The All Seeing I
Cecilie Koste: Top OTCh
Cecilie Koste: Efficient Training
Helix Fairweather: Data-Driven Training
Kay Laurence: Raising Criteria
Eva Bertilsson and Emelie Johnson Vegh: Let's Make Some Noise! (Building Confidence)
Patricia McConnell: Emotions and Our Dogs

Sarah Kalnajs, April 2011
Body Language Overview
Signs of Stress
Anticipatory Behaviors
Appeasement Signals
Distance Increasing Behaviors
Distance Decreasing Behaviors
How to Greet a Dog
Stress in Dogs
The Canine Risk Assessment

Denise Fenzi, July 2011
Drives and Why They Matter
Be the Bunny: How to Tug with Your Dog
The Only Thing You Can Take in the Ring: On Relationships
Work is a Privilege
Our Working Spot

Ken Ramirez and Kathy Sdao, July 2011
Ken on Non-Food Reinforcers
Ken's Strategies for Solving Problems
Kathy: Good Foundations
Kathy on Classical Conditioning: Implementation Errors
Kathy: CC FAQs

Patricia McConnell, October 2011
What is a Dog?
The Interplay of Genetics and Environment
Behaviors with a Genetic Component
What Science Tells Us About Puppy Development
Emotions in Dogs
Canine Cognition
Science Based Training 

Jane Killion, February 2012
Reinforcement Training
Attention is a Behavior
Overcoming Training Challenges
Thoughts on Reactivity

K9 Nosework, June 2012
Getting Started
Next Steps
Trials: An Option, but not the Goal

Shedd Animal Training Seminar (Ken Ramirez), August 2012
What is Animal Training, Anyway?
Who Are You Training?
The Human Element
Basic Operant Conditioning
A Bridge to Better Behavior
Getting Behavior
What to do When Your Animal is Wrong
Outside the Session
Cooperative Behavior
Husbandry Training
Introducing New Animals
Preventing Boredom
Advanced Concepts in Reinforcement
Aversives, Punishment, and You!
Other Advanced Concepts
General Rules About Aggression
Turner and Tompkin's Rules on Aggression Reduction
Problem Solving
Putting it All Together

Kathy Sdao, October 2012
Introduction/Outside the Seminar
So Many Choices!
The R in Dog Training
See and Mark Behavior You Like
10 Ways to Get Behavior
Letting Reactive Dogs Choose
Working Spot

Denise Fenzi, December 2012
Stress and Your Competition Dog
Ring Ready
Rewarding Your Dog
Working Spot

Minnesota Animal Welfare Conference, May 2013
Aditi Terpstra on Food Guarding and Adoption Outcomes
Aditi Terpstra on Canine Body Language
Suzanne Hetts on Punishment, Part 1 and Part 2
Suzanne Hetts on the Differences Between Cats and Dogs

Steve White, July 2013
Dog Training is Like Mapquest
The J-Curve of Change
Training to the Power of Three
Get To or Got To?

Kim Brophey, December 2013

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