Saturday, February 6, 2010

Maisy, RL2, RL1X, CGC

Did you notice the new initials after Maisy's name? She completed her APDT Level 2 Rally title today, and earned an Award of Excellence because all three legs were over 190. Good dog, Maisy! In addition, she picked up a third place and and second place.

We had some really lovely moments today. Both courses had jumps in them, and she did the jumps both times! I introduced her to jumps last summer, but didn't do much training with them. Then she had a back injury in the fall, so we really haven't been able to train much on jumps... needless to say, I was a bit worried about an NQ on that station. I needn't have worried; she just flew over those jumps.

She did well on the off-set figure 8 (AKA, the food bowls), too. Okay, "well" might be an overstatement, but we did them! It was actually kind of comical. I wish I'd gotten it on video, because she was looking at those food bowls so hard that I had to slow waaaaaay down to keep her with me. Still, she only sniffed one- and it was the last one, after she'd resisted the rest.

She had some really nice heeling moments, especially anything to the left, but she also did the fast forward from a sit! Twice! Since we've struggled so much with the fast pace, I was very proud of this!

Although she wasn't at her best today- and I'll talk about that in a future post, because this is a celebration post- she worked her tail off for me. One of the things I really love about Maisy is that she always gives me everything she's got. Sometimes, that isn't much, but she'll always give it anyway. She was stressed today, but even so, she turned in a solid performance, and I'm incredibly proud of her.


Dawn said...

Maisey did really well today. She had some very lovely moments. Each time I have seen her she has gotten better. Truthfully, I think she was the cutest dog there today. Good job to both of you. And WOOHOO on the new title!

Crystal said...

Thank you, Dawn. I agree- she had some great moments. And she's totally cute, though I must admit, I'm quite partial to Magic. What a great dog. Not only did he kick major butt today, but he's so good looking (fluff or not) and he has such a sweet temperament.

Megan said...

She really did an excellent job today! You deserve to be proud, really proud!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Congrats!!! I wish I could have seen more of her runs today! But the 1/2 that I did see she looked awesome! She also looked like she reconnected very quickly with any tiny drop in attention!

Crystal said...

Thanks Megan and Laura. I am so incredibly proud of this dog that it brings tears to my eyes. :)