Sunday, March 7, 2010

Because it's too funny not to share

Maisy must have been a retriever in her past life, because she is obsessed with tennis balls. I wake up with them in my bed, I get them dropped in my lap constantly, and the first thing Maisy does, well, ever, is run to get her ball.

Recently, she's begun to do something absolutely hilarious with her ball, and though it really has nothing to do with training, I just had to share.

See, usually when we play ball, she'll chase it and bring it back for five to ten minutes, at which point she'll flop down on her belly to chew on the ball a bit before bringing it back to start the game again. For the past week, however, when she goes to flop down on her belly, she does so right in front of the couch. Of course, it often goes under the couch, at which point she goes nuts trying to get it out.

At first, I thought this was an accident. But when it began to happen again... and again... and again, I remarked to my husband that for such a smart dog, she sure was acting stupid.

Tonight, I realized that this is all part of some crazy game. Over and over again, she has flopped down by the couch, very purposely pushed it under, and then gone crazy trying to fish it out again with her too-short legs or by trying to shove her too-big body after it.

And this is one of the reasons I love my crazy dog: she always makes me laugh.


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

very cute :)

Anonymous said...

my dog has done this ever since he was a puppy - he loves pushing his ball into places where he can't, or almost can't get it (grown up, he can dig it out of most places now with his long legs). He's taught himself how to throw, paw and nose-push his ball under furniture very precisely. It was especially hilarious in the beginning, to see him work out how to get the ball to roll to where he couldn't reach, and then, when it finally did, growl and bark at it as if very upset that he couldn't get it out again. Of course, I would get the ball out for him... So it became a good way to get me to play when I was too lazy otherwise..
He'll also put the ball under a bush or a blanket, stare at it for a moment like a pointer and then *pounce* on it - clearly pretending that the ball is trying to hide from him :-)