Thursday, September 16, 2010

Playing Ball

One of my guilty pleasures in the summer is to lie in my hammock in the backyard and read. I can spend HOURS, even entire DAYS, reading out there. And, since I love my dog, I always invite her to come hang out with me. Unfortunately, this can be annoying, as Maisy would find her ball and whine at me to throw it. Incessantly.

While Maisy is very good about bringing her ball back when she wants it thrown, it's kind of annoying to have the ball brought back and placed directly beneath you while you're in a hammock. You can't exactly reach it there, you know? So, I taught her that if she wanted it thrown, she had to put it in the hammock with me. Otherwise I ignored her.

Now, perhaps you've noticed that Maisy is a bit short. She can get the ball in the hammock with me, but it's kind of a pain, and so she usually gives up after a couple of throws and takes a nap instead. All of which is just fine with me.

Apparently this wasn't fine with Maisy, because earlier this week, I was reading in the hammock, and looked up to see this:

That's right. She decided to play without me. I know the video quality isn't great, so you may need to click through and embiggen the screen to see what's happening, but basically, she's pushing the ball through the slats of the fence, where it rolls down a slight incline and (usually) rolls back through the slats and ends up at her feet. I have no idea how she figured this out, but she did this for over half an hour the other day.


katie, maizey (and meeka in our hearts) said...

Oh my goodness, that is so cute! And Maisy has a wonderful tail too! ( I love tails:))

Aren't they just amazing what they can figure out? This morning I heard my Maizey getting making a ruckus and went to investigate, I found her doing a perfect park it on her mat. The problem? The mat was on the kitchen table! LOL I had put it there earlier when she decided all she was going to offer was park it no matter where I put her mat. :)

The thing is I am still not used to her being able to jump since her knees work now, so make a note- I need to keep the kitchen chairs pushed in, and practice A LOT of "kitchen table Zen! LOL Dogs are just amazing and so funny!

Elephant said...


Crystal said...

OMG Katie, that story is hilarious. I hope you got a picture!! Because you NEED to blog about that. :)

Elephant- yes. Embiggen. It's a word.

Dawn said...

What a smart girl she is!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

super cute! Vito has been known to push balls down the stairs at grandma's house, but this fence thing is pretty complicated to figure out!

Actually Vito's newest move is to drop the toy directly on your laptop or arm. Then when you go to brush it aside he gets endless pleasure from "it moved!"

Crystal said...

Yeah, I'm not entirely sure how she figured this game out, but it's hilarious to watch.

Laura, that's cute that Vito pushes balls down the stairs. Maisy's never done that (of course, we don't have very good stairs for such things), although she will roll the ball off the edge of the bed from time to time.

andrea said...

that's hilarious :)

I love it when dogs make up thier own games ... :)

Sally drops stuff through the railings of the stairs then runs to get them ..