Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trick 2- Wave!

I've been a bit lazy with training lately. Between a yoga injury (don't laugh- it was awful) and job hunting (I got it!), I've been busy, stressed, and just not in the mood to train.

Still, here's our second trick: wave!

This was taught by targeting and a bit of shaping. She already knows to offer a paw to a hand target, so I just moved my hand up higher and higher, and then clicked for movement. Simple.

This trick is not under verbal cue, it's not under stimulus control, and honestly? I don't really care. It's a trick, and people are just so darned impressed when your dog can sit on cue (even if it takes a second cue), that I figure this will suit my purposes just fine.


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Cute! But you still didn't add the 2nd wave in!

Go back to presenting your target (hand or lid whatever you used) and move it away a just before she reaches it, then Immediately re-present it so she attempts a 2nd wave. Most dogs won't put their foot down in between and Maisy is already keeping it up in the air until treated. Or you could just shape it :)

WonderPupsMom said...

This is awesome. Maisy is too cute. Congrats on your new job. Hope you love it!

Kristen said...

I want your cat to wave too!

Good job!

Crystal said...

I do have a clicker kitty (not the one in the video though- he's on a highly specialized diet, complicating, though not preventing, training with him). I haven't done MUCH with my clicker kitty, mind you, but he can nose target and I once shaped him to enter a crate on his own.

Robin Sallie said...

Did Nicky get a treat, too?

Kristine said...

This is so cute! She looks adorable.

I like that you don't care about being super strict with your criteria. In my opinion, tricks are about having fun and nothing else. Worrying about being perfect, isn't always fun.