Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dear Boston, I Hate You

Dear Boston,

I am writing to lodge a formal complaint against you. While I have never even set foot in Massachusetts, I believe I am justified in my hatred of you.

You see, two years ago, Maisy had a reactive meltdown at a trial while in the ring. Afterward, a very nice woman named Robin approached me, handed me a business card, and invited us to join her reactive dog class. I accepted. A month later, that same trainer would assign the class some homework: What is Your Goal for Your Dog? I think we were just supposed to think about the question and answer it, but I turned in five typed pages on how and when Maisy would earn her ARCH. Despite her horror (or perhaps because of it?), that trainer grew to be a friend.

This week, my trainer-slash-friend Robin moved to your fair city.

I will miss her terribly. All of the late night chats, snarky emails, road trips (okay, there was only one, but still, I wanted more!), and even the Kidlet- you have stolen them all from me, Boston. And while it's true that I've learned a lot from her- how to put so much of that book knowledge into practice, that I'm the expert on my own dog, the fact that I can say no to a suggestion from a trainer (although I suspect that she regreted that sometimes), the importance of protecting my dog, that ribbons aren't everything, and that sometimes, a flawless off-leash recall in the woods is far more satisfying than a perfect score- while I've learned all that from her, I feel like there's so much more left to learn!

And yet I have no choice, Boston, because you have stolen her away from me. Therefore, I must once again state my displeasure with you and your trainer-slash-friend stealing ways.

No Love,

PS- Is this karma? I know you gave us my friend Elizabeth, but I'm selfish and really would like to have both.

PPS- If you have any citizens that are looking for a good dog trainer (especially for crazy dogs), tell them to let me know.


Katherine said...

Hey now! Boston is a perfectly nice place. We DO have an abundance of R+ dog trainers, though!

Crystal Thompson said...

Which means you don't need another. Send mine back.

Crystal Thompson said...


Raegan said...

Oh I am sad! I was so hoping to meet Robin sometime, and that seemed more likely when she was in Minnesota. :(

But oh, Boston... Boston. What a city. Go Sox!

Crystal Thompson said...

When I was saying goodbye to the Kidlet, I told her I'd miss her. She looked at me quizically, and said, "Why? Aren't you going to visit us?"

Which, yes, of course I am! I was hoping Clicker Expo would be there next year (convenient excuse for a visit AND going to Clexpo in one!), but it's not... but I guess this gives us more time to visit. :)

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear. I will miss Robin, too. I've learned a tremendous amount from Robin and she saved my relationship with Shanoa.


andrea said...

what a shame for you - your respect and affection for Robin is apparent in your blog
I do wish her well in Boston though ;)

Ninso said...

I want to read these five typed pages . . . that would be interesting

Crystal Thompson said...

Personally, Andrea, I'm hoping that Boston is a horrible place and that Robin must move back as a result. Unfortunately, I'm told that's unlikely to happen. *sigh*

Ninso- I'm not sure I still have them, but it was an incredibly detailed (read: anal) plan about all the various skills Maisy would need to get her ARCH (certain level 2 skills, crating skills, stress management, etc.) as well as a timeline of all upcoming trials, etc.

Anonymous said...

Crystal, I totally agree!! I found out at Lake Elmo and didn't even get to say good bye in person. On our big trip this June we were within 15 miles of Boston and, if I had know they were stealing Robin from us, I'd have at least spit out the window of the motor home!
Sue & Quigley - the mental poodle

Holly said...

Crystal, Robin is indeed a really, truly, special person isn't she? She is not only knowledgeable but she is also SO KIND.

Here is a suggestion for you.

Hold a seminar with her as the presenter. She has much to offer the dog world.

Anonymous said...

my sentiments exactly...