Thursday, October 20, 2011

I am not a perfect trainer.

I am not a perfect trainer.

I make a lot of mistakes. My criteria is often inconsistent. Sometimes I push her too hard, and sometimes I don't ask enough. My body language can be confusing; I lean over her, I keep treats in my hands. I really suck at getting things on cue, and I often reward bad responses. Sometimes I even laugh when she's naughty.

And oh, how I laugh.

My skills may be nothing to write home about, but my enthusiasm more than makes up for it. I laugh and smile and cheer my dog on when she gets it right, and I encourage her when she gets it wrong. I enjoy learning. Training brings me joy, and serves to deepen our relationship. I love spending time with my dog.

No, I am not a perfect trainer. But I'm pretty good at the stuff that matters.


andrea said...

yay for you for celebrating what matters :)

I'm pretty sure if Maisy could weigh in she'd take you just as you are - perhaps paying for nothing a little more often but that's it!!

Crystal Thompson said...

Andrea, the irony of your comment is that at this exact moment, Maisy is lying next to me, and I am feeding her candy. (Nerds, in case you're interested. I love those things.)

Ninso said...

Ha! Lok likes gummy worms!

Crystal Thompson said...

Oh, good, Ninso. I'm glad I'm not alone in this candy-feeding thing of mine.

Chris and Mike said...

This is a great column, Crystal! As Andrea says, yay for you for celebrating what matters! And for reminding us faithful readers to do so as well.