Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Training Tuesday: Trick 2

Here's our second trick of the year, "Splat!"

Maisy learned to offer lying on her side during our several years in reactive dog classes; I just never bothered to name it before. The naming has actually taken a lot of work. She is much better at visual hand signals, and this trick only has a verbal. We have spent literally hundreds of repetitions working on this, and it is still shaky. Still, she's getting it, and I wanted to show you the result before the month was over!

Any suggestions for next month's trick?


Ninso said...

Crossing paws. Just because misery loves company.

Crystal Thompson said...

That is misery! Maisy and I worked on crossing paws for awhile last year. I got so fed up with her short little legs that I quit teaching tricks entirely!

Which means that stupid trick is now mocking us. Sigh.

Ninso said...

I don't think I've ever worked harder on a trick than I have on Elo's cross. He is FINALLY getting it though. I still start each session with the target, but take it away quickly and yesterday I started putting it on stimulus control and asking for different behaviors between. I hate being mocked by tricks.

Also, is it just me or are blogger's new word verification thingies extremely hard to read?

Crystal Thompson said...

I'm having trouble with the word verification thingies, too. :( I'd get rid of them, but even with them, I get a fair amount of spam.

Also, it's not fair. Elo's legs are WAY longer than Maisy's.

Joanna said...

Love the cue!! Good job with this one.

Dragon and I are currently working on backwards weaving through my legs. Does Maisy weave forward?

Jo said...

try dead bug.. on her back, all four in the air

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Cute :) Did you go to verbal only just to work on that skill for yourself?

If cross paws is mocking you then that must be the trick! Peer pressure! I am actually working on that up with Vito and Fiona right now. I think I have started and stopped so many times with Vito it's just sad.

Crystal Thompson said...

For both of us. I wanted to practice without being dependent on a hand signal, and my understanding is that the more verbal cues a dog learns, the easier it becomes for them.

Canine Behavior Training said...

My three, in the last few weeks, learned:
1. cheek
2. chin
3. wipe your paws
4. push the ball
5. lick your lips

All really easy to shape.

Tegan said...

This trick looks pretty good to me!

Why don't you teach her to walk inbetween your legs? (I call it "middle".) A nice easy one for a change. ;)