Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Training Tuesday: Trick 3 (In Progress)

No, I haven't forgotten about my 12 tricks in 2012. But I have officially fallen behind because I chose the hardest trick IN THE WORLD. Or at least, it's hard when you have a dog with short, stubby little legs. We're working on "cross your paws," and honestly? We're getting close. See for yourself:


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

She's so close!!! Are you able to leave your hand there (maybe switch to your other hand now) in between reps?

Really, I love her reach!

Tegan said...

She's so happy about it! I would drop your lure at the moment and see if you can shape her the rest of the way. (C&T for one foot touching the other, and gradually increase criteria to a 'cross'.)

- That is, if you wanted a suggestion. ;)

Crystal Thompson said...

Yeah, she LOVES training. It's pretty cute how excited she gets when the clicker comes out. :)

Ninso said...

Nice work! We had so much trouble with that one. Elo is normally great at free shaping, like Tegan suggested, but that never worked for us. Even after doing lots of target it just never occurred to him to cross one foot over another.