Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, Buzz!

My friend Megan's dog Buzz turned 14 this weekend, so we did what normal people do: had a birthday party for him! The party was on Megan's farm, 80 acres of (legal) off-leash goodness. The dogs had a great time tromping around:

Why yes, that is my "reactive" dog hanging out in a big group of dogs. Most of the dogs are ones she'd met before: Buzz the English Springer Spaniel (of course!), his sister Bailey, Lance the Corgi, Vito the Toller, and Trout the North American Yodelhound puppy (also known as Mischief). Dogs she hadn't met before included Piper the boxer and Allister the adorable corgi-mix-thing. I wanted to steal him. Not in the video were Zuma, the fastest dog I've ever met, and Coda, a flat-coat retriever. Maisy had met both of them before, although it had been a long time since she'd seen Coda.

After the huge group hike and playtime in the field, we went back to the house and grilled hot dogs and drank adult beverages and attempted to have a bonfire in the rain. (As it turns out, you can roast marshmallows over a gas stove just as well.) Maisy wandered around, attempting to sucker people out of food. I think she was successful.

Later, the most confusing thing ever happened:

Yup, she fell asleep. She was exhausted after all that fun, I guess, because she fell asleep despite the fact that there were other dogs around and we were in a relatively new environment (she'd been to Megan's once before, but it was over a year ago).

I'm pretty proud of my Maisy. She has come so far in the last few years.


Dizzy said...

Why is it that people only want to steal Allister until I offer to give him to them for free? then, suddenly, they don't want him. It's just not fair.

Crystal Thompson said...

Well, then it wouldn't be stealing anymore!

Ninso said...

I am bummed I missed this. Now I am thinking Jun might have done ok.

Anonymous said...

Wow - awesome! I'm so jealous that you have a friend with 80 acres of off-leash goodness (and of course, a bunch of great dogs to have a hike with).


Crystal Thompson said...

Ninso, been there, done that. I've passed on a lot of things because I didn't know if Maisy could do it or not. I hate that feeling. Plus, we totally missed you!

Nicky, I will have to introduce you to my friends. :)

Jen said...

Go Maisy! Your reactive dog is totally awesome ;)

Oh yeah, and happy birthday to Buzz the birthday boy as well! And many more.

Katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

Well I already commented on FB, but again - super awesome! Just makes my heart happy to see her sleeping away! What a great job you two have done!