Wednesday, September 26, 2012

(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday: Whee!

I hope you aren't tired of pictures from A Dog Spot, the boarding kennel Maisy stayed at while I was at the Shedd Animal Training seminar. It's just that this picture (and some more to come) make me so darn happy. Seeing Maisy playing like a normal dog is just amazing to me, especially considering how dog reactive she used to be.

She still can be, if I'm honest. I wouldn't feel comfortable with Maisy playing at a day care or another boarding kennel, but I'm confident in A Dog Spot's staff's ability to read dog body language and trust that they will intervene without the use of punishment or fear if one of the dogs is behaving inappropriately or is scared.

And the result is this: absolute joy. I'm so glad that she could enjoy her vacation as much as I enjoyed mine.


Chris and Mike said...

Loving these photos! Joyful Maisy - what could be better?! Though your seminar notes are a very close second....

Crystal Thompson said...

I know! I just love how happy she looks in all the photos they sent me.

Glad to hear you are enjoying the seminar posts. I haven't gotten much feedback on them, so I was worried people were finding them uninteresting.