Wednesday, July 24, 2013

In Which Maisy is a Real Dog Now

While many of my friends suffer from collar addictions (friend Laura actually strung all of hers together in some sort of strange streamer and decorated with hers last summer. It was AWESOME), I don’t. Don’t get me wrong- I could, it’s just that you really can’t see them on Maisy, what with all the fur. In fact, my friend Sara (jokingly) says that dogs don’t become Real Dogs until they have a fancy collar. Poor Maisy; at six years old, she’s never had a collar that cost more than $10. And they’ve all come from PetSmart.

Until now. That’s right, Maisy is now the proud owner of a Paco Collar. Better yet, I got to design it. Did you know that Paco does collar-making classes? Because they totally do, and it’s totally fun. Bianca from Paco was in-town-ish (two hour drive away), and taught us how to bling out our collars. It was surprisingly easy, and very, very fun. And I love the result!

Maisy came with to the class. Despite the presence of strangers (people and one other dog), she was sweet, friendly, and relaxed. She even took a nap during class! This was absolutely amazing because apparently collar making requires a lot of loud pounding. Long-term readers will know what a big deal this is; historically she’s been afraid of both loud noises and new situations. Now, she’s all like, “I got this, mom.”

I am incredibly grateful I got this opportunity. I almost didn’t go (ugh, money), but at the last minute, things came together so I could. I don’t know who made it possible for me to go, but I’m so glad I got to! I love, love, love the collar.  

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