Sunday, September 15, 2013

Review (and Promo Code!): Good Karma Dog Company

I meant to get this post up so much sooner, but between taking the CPDT exam and Maisy’s subsequent health crisis, time has slipped away from me. It’s really too bad, because I LOVE THIS COMPANY.

Okay, so the Good Karma Dog Company recently contacted me to do a review for them. I love free stuff, so naturally I said yes… but then I learned that they are dedicated to all-natural dog treats and eco-friendly toys, two things that are pretty important to me. Add on to that the fact that their Pound for a Poundprogram donates a pound of treats to canine rescue for every pound sold (up to 3% of quarterly revenue), well… this company has some good karma!

Then I received the box from them. Oh my. Not only did I receive the products they had promised, but they also through in a few extras for both Maisy and I. When I commented on that, Deb from Good Karma told me that this is how they package all the boxes that go out to customers. Awesome.

On to the products! Maisy and I reviewed three products. Two were just for her (dude, I am so not chewing on a bully stick and/or cod skins), and one was something that I really liked.

First up, the Barkworthies Junior BullySticks. These bully sticks (always a favorite around our house) are meant for smaller dogs. Maisy snarfed hers right up! It lasted about the same length of time as other bully sticks we’ve used, and I do like that there are no artificial things added to it.

Next, the Polka Dog Bakery Cod SkinTreats. This foot long treat is crunchy and fishy- Maisy’s favorite qualities in a treat! The cods are locally source and made in the USA, which is always good, and I love it when companies use all of an animal’s parts. I mean, if they have to give up their lives for us, we might as well not waste any of it. My only beef (er, fish?) with this product is that it didn’t last very long- a few minutes, tops. Still, Maisy REALLY liked these, so I’d definitely buy them as an occasional treat.

Finally, the Cycle Dog Trail BuddyBowl. This portable bowl is pretty awesome. It’s made from recycled inner tubes, lined with an FDA approved food-grade liner free of BPA’s, phthalates, PVC, and lead, and is lightweight and foldable. You know what all that means? BACKPACKING ACCESSORY!!! It holds 22 fluid ounces and weighs approximately 4 ounces- less than the smaller bowl I used on our trip this spring. Plus, this one will fold up and fit into a pocket or other small space. The bowl did initially have a pretty strong smell, but once I opened it up, the rubber smell dissipated quickly, and it didn’t deter Maisy from using it.

Finally, a word about the Good Karma Dog Company website: it’s insanely well-laid out, pages load quickly, and it does a great job of summarizing each product. I appreciate knowing where each item was made (I don’t buy stuff from China) as well as being able to locate the ingredient list quickly (food allergies suck). They have a lot of 24 hour sales too, so you should totally like them on Facebook.

Bottom line: While yes, I did receive free products from them, my opinions are mine, not theirs. They didn’t require that I say this, but I love the Good Karma Dog Company! If you’d like to try them out, they’ve graciously agreed to offer ya’ll a 20% discount for the month of September. Just enter the code champblog20% at checkout.

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Jen said...

Wow, they have a lot of great stuff! I appreciate how much of it (toys AND treats) are made in the US. It's also neat that they package some things for the owners too ;)