Thursday, March 6, 2014

I believe my response to the vet would be an inappropriate post title

I took Maisy in for a just-being-super-cautious bladder ultrasound on Monday. It’s been six months since her huge bladder stones (and subsequent removal). Since that time, all of her UAs have come back great, and she continues to be on the prescription diet to help prevent a recurrence, so I figured it would be a pretty quick and easy appointment.
It’s like I don’t even know my own dog.
Of course she has bladder stones. Five or six, actually. All small enough to pass, but still. Wasn’t the diet supposed to prevent this? Yes, it should have, but… well, we’ve cheated. Oh, sure, her main meals have been the prescription diet, but she has still gotten the occasional bully stick and we definitely feed her off our plates… The vet didn’t think that would be enough to cause stone formation, but that’s what I’m going with because the alternative is more frustrating.
See, there are two main types of stones: struvite and calcium oxalate. Struvites can be dissolved by diet and are therefore the better kind to have. This is what Maisy had last fall. Calcium oxalate, on the other hand, have to be removed surgically. We don’t know which kind Maisy has now, so I’m going with the diet-needs-to-be-stricter theory.
The plan right now is to switch from the stone-prevention diet to the stone-dissolution diet and then do a recheck ultrasound in 6-8 weeks. If the stones go away, we’re all good. If they don’t… well, we’ll figure it out then. The good news is that the stone-dissolution diet can also be used for maintenance. The bad news is that every. single. dissolution diet on the market has eggs in them. Maisy is allergic to eggs. But hey, she’s already on steroids, so hopefully that will prevent any allergy issues.
Fingers crossed! On all fronts!

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