Friday, May 23, 2014

To Infinity and Beyond: In Memory of Buzz

 These are two of the luckiest people I know- my friend Megan and her dog Buzz:

Buzz totally counts as people.

A dog's life is so short and can be so uncertain that it is rare for one to spend his entire life with one person, but Buzz got Megan from puppyhood to his very last breaths. As for Megan, well, my friend Sara and I like to joke that our dogs will live forever, because the good die young (meaning the naughty live forever? I guess we've never really thought through the logic) but lucky Megan got to have the Best Dog Ever for 16 years.

Best Dog Ever
May 4, 1998 to May 20, 2014

And Buzz really was a great dog, although it was sometimes easy to miss that fact when we had all the dogs together in a group. Buzz was just so unassuming, you know? He was gentle and quiet, content to just sit and watch the day go by, not naughty and obnoxious like some dogs I know.

Ahem, Maisy. Not your treats!

Buzz was Megan's introduction into the dog world, and I have to say, I'm a bit envious. He was tolerant of a teenager's foolishness and tolerant of her mistakes. Not that he was easy, but when he presented challenges (as all dogs do), he would patiently wait for Megan to figure things out. And if she didn't, well, there's stuff over there for him to sniff or look at.

I'll just be over here while you get your stuff together, Lady.

They did find success together in the show ring (I loved seeing 15-year-old Buzz clean up in the Veterans rally class last year), but they also found success together in life. Megan went to great lengths to keep Buzz in great physical and mental shape, and I know Buzz offered her emotional support during some hard times.

God, there is just so much right about this picture.

I can't believe Buzz is gone. And I can't imagine how Megan must be feeling. But I do know they were the luckiest people ever. So godspeed, dear Buzz. We will miss you, and will always love you - to infinity and beyond!

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