Sunday, July 6, 2014

Project Gratitude: Help with Allie's Medical Bills!

In September 2013, Maisy became suddenly and critically ill. Our blog readers rallied around us, providing us with the emotional and financial support needed to get through a very stressful time. Although I will never be able to pay you all back, I can pay it forward through Project GratitudePlease email me at reactivechampion (at) gmail (dot) com if you have an individual or cause that you would like me to consider donating to.

Way back when, before I had four dogs, before Maisy was "normal," before I even started this blog, I met my friend Nicky in reactive dog class. We bonded over having crazy dogs, and even when the class ended and our instructor moved away, we continued to get together for lunch and coffee dates and dog walks. She supported me through the dissolution of my marriage, through the subsequent Hard Times, celebrated when I met someone new, and talked me into adopting Pyg. (She'll never admit it, but he is all her fault.)

So I'm very happy to donate to a cause that is important to her. Nicky's sister has cancer. And, as we all live in the US, this has resulted in massive medical bills. Insurance is great and all, but it only goes so far in our country. Nicky's sister has lost time from work, and has bills around $20,000 now. I have no idea how she's managing, but I'm glad to pay it forward, no matter how little I have to share.

Will you help, too? It would mean a lot to Nicky, to her sister, and to me.

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