Friday, October 23, 2015

FUNDRAISING CONTEST: Donate to Prynne for a Chance to Win DENISE FENZI's New Book!!

You guys all know Denise Fenzi, right? Super awesome trainer, founder of the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, and prolific author? Well, I just happen to edit a lot of her work, and after I do, Denise usually sends me a free copy or two of the book.

She sent me FIVE extra copies of her newest book:

Beyond the Back Yard: Train Your Dog to Listen Anytime, Anywhere (Click here to learn more)

The book is meant for pet dog owners/trainers, but honestly, it offers a pretty awesome "proofing" plan for sports dogs, too. Ian Dunbar gave it rave reviews, and I just really like it.

And you guys remember Ettel and her dog Prynne? Prynne ate... something... that got lodged her throat, perforated her esophagus, and caused her to have a massive chest infection. Well, today her mom got the devastating news that the tear was worse than they thought. Prynne either needed to stay in the vet hospital for SIX MORE WEEKS to heal OR have a very expensive surgery... or be euthanized.

Ettel chose the surgery. And she doesn't have pet insurance. (GUYS, GET PET INSURANCE. HONESTLY, YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU WILL NEED IT.) So, in addition to the bill that Prynne has already racked up, the total is now around $18,000!! Yikes!

So... LET'S HAVE A CONTEST!!! Donate ANY amount to Ettel and Prynne, and then comment either here or on Facebook that you did, along with the name you used to donate. Next week Friday, I will randomly choose FIVE donors to receive a copy of Beyond the Backyard. I will contact you if you're one of the lucky winners (so be sure to include an email address or check back- if I can't reach you within a week, I'll choose another winner in your place).



Hilary said...
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Crystal (Thompson) Barrera said...

Tell you what: donate a second time, any amount, even a dollar- and I'll enter you. AND for your trouble, I'll see if I can convince Denise to sign a copy if you win. :)

PS- Please share!!

Hilary said...

I donated in two $15 increments on 10/20 through GiveForward under Hilary Lane. I'd love to have one of Denise's books! But in any case, thanks for writing this post and helping Ettel and Prynne.

Hilary said...

Hi, me again (Hilary Lane). I just donated another $10 to help out, and to enter the contest! Sorry to hog your comments section here--new to this stuff! Thanks so much!

Mary Molloy said...

Apologies if this double-posts; my original post seems to have disappeared.

Thank you, Crystal, this is a brilliant and generous idea!

Mary Molloy

Crystal Barrera said...

Hilary and Mary- Great news! Prynne's home AND you're both winners! Email me at reactivechampion (at) and I'll get a book to you! If you want it signed (by Denise) let me know what it should say!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Crystal! I will email you now!!

Unknown said...

Ha, I'm disguised as Unknown for Halloween! (See above comment) I just can't seem to get the name published right now. Sigh. Thanks again for raising money for Prynne!