Sunday, January 31, 2016

Happy 3rd birthday, Pyg!

You know what's awesome? Facebook. Because of the power of the 'book, I connected with someone who knew Pyg in his old life in Alabama. She kindly sent me this photo of him from May 27, 2013- just a few days shy of his four-month birthday.

I learned that he had been adopted and returned, and that he lived with fosters for most of his time in rescue. I *almost* feel bad for the folks that adopted/returned him... He really is such a phenomenal dog that it's a shame they didn't put in the (very little) time he would have needed. I honestly haven't done much work with him, and he's just the best, most solid little dog. He's got such a good natural temperament. But mostly I'm selfishly glad that they didn't keep him, because I ADORE my Pretty Boy Pyg.

Happy 3rd birthday, buddy. Let's try not to spend anymore in the hospital, okay?

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