Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Harassing the Neighbors

Maisy has begun to do a very peculiar thing this summer. She has begun to harass our neighbors.

Now, normally this would be cause for concern. No one wants to have a bad relationship with their neighbors, and I’ve heard enough crazy stories on the internet to be very, very careful to be a good doggy neighbor. In this case, however, the neighbors not only don’t mind, but they have been encouraging Maisy’s behavior.

It started like this: Maisy’s ball ended up in their yard. Whether it got there accidentally or whether Maisy put it there on purpose (she has a habit of entertaining herself), I’ll never know, but she has learned that being cute will usually get Those With Opposable Thumbs to do her bidding... so she got the neighbor’s attention.

The moment the neighbor made eye contact, she smiled and waggled her entire body. This, of course, drew the neighbor nearer, at which point that bright orange ball was noticed. “Oh, poor Maisy!” our neighbor undoubtedly exclaimed. “Your ball is in our yard!” And it was tossed back over the fence.

Well. Maisy’s no fool. She quickly realized she’d doubled her army of ball-throwers, and made a habit of grabbing the ball and pushing it between the picket slats any time she saw our neighbors. Of course, it didn’t hurt that 1. our neighbor’s garden is right next to the fence (making them readily accessible), and that 2. they have consistently thrown the ball every single time. Even after I told them they didn’t have to. Even after I explained that if they got tired of the game, they should simply quit throwing it. Their response? “But she’s so cute!”

Yeah, I know, neighbor. Maisy has trained me to do a thing or two, as well.

(Want to see Maisy's harassment in action? Check out the rather long video.)


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Oh the cuteness!

Jen said...

Oh, how funny! I wonder if/when your neighbors will catch on!

I accidentally threw Elka's Kong frisbee over the neighbor's fence last winter. Our neighbors aren't exactly friendly (though not hostile, at least). They threw it back after the snow melted.

Joanna said...

Hahaha, smartest dog!

Ninso said...

Gotta love good neighbors! Mine love my dogs, even when they're being naughty!

Crystal Thompson said...

These neighbors are AWESOME. When they planted their garden (which is about 2 feet from our fence), they asked if there was anything toxic to dogs that they should plant away from the fence.

Anonymous said...

And this is exactly why I love Maisy so much!