Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In Memory of Beckett

(Bushwacker Danny)
February 24, 2005- July 17, 2012
(Photo by Megan Nelson)

My dear friend Elizabeth let her sweet dog go this morning after a brief but fierce fight with osteosarcoma. He was born "Bushwacker Danny." A racing greyhound who was moderately successful at the track, he raced for three years before being retired. But he was so much more than that. Beckett was, first and foremost, a loved and cherished member of the family. Elizabeth adored her dog, and it showed. Beckett adored his person, and that showed too. 

Enjoying a patch of sun on the softest surface in the yard.

Beckett was possibly the world's laziest dog. He loved nothing more than a cozy bed. If there was a soft surface, you could be sure he'd find it and lay on it. He also loved his crate, and could often be found lounging inside. In fact, if you tried to keep him up past his bedtime, he would put himself in any crate he could find, even if he didn't technically fit. 

I'll take this one, thank you. 

Still, Beck was a greyhound, and with that came bursts of crazy energy. If his first love was Elizabeth and his second love a bed, then his third was definitely Cuz balls. He went nuts for them, chasing them with gleeful abandon. Even better if the Cuz was thrown in the water. I wouldn't have expected a greyhound to like swimming, but he thought it great fun. And if he could prevent another dog from getting to the ball? Why, that was the greatest fun of all. 

Cooling off on a hot summer's day last summer.

Although people don't think you can train greyhounds, Elizabeth knew you can. Although she's probably the least competitive person on the planet, she and Beckett did earn their APDT Level 1 title together last year. Better yet, they also won the Sophie Award, which is given to the level 1A team that best exemplifies teamwork and relationship. Watch this video and you'll understand why (my favorite moment happens at about 2:25). 

Beckett demonstrates my favorite trick of his: "Cuddle."

And speaking of relationships, last summer theirs was put to the test when a huge storm caught them unawares while they were out canoeing. The canoe capsized and all their gear- including Beckett's leash and treats- sunk to the bottom of the river. With nothing but their shared history to see them through the next 24 hours, Elizabeth and Beckett somehow made it through the night, fought their way through downed trees, and got home safe and sound. 

Photo by Megan Nelson.

I don't know how to end this except to say: Beckett, you were an amazing dog, and you will be missed. Zichronam Liv'racha. May your memory be a blessing. 


Megan said...

I think we'll all miss him for quite a long while.

I'm so sorry Elizabeth and Andrew.

Jane F. said...

What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful dog. I'm so glad to have known him.

RIP, Beckett.

Eliz said...

Thank you, it has been so hard for us, and your post means so much. I miss him so much.