Sunday, July 29, 2012

Maisy CD-C!

Maisy finished her CDSP Novice Obedience title yesterday. Here's her run:

She scored a 183, which is really quite good considering her... creative... heeling during the figure 8. I'm not sure what that was all about, although I have some ideas. Notably, I have done practically no training with her. I had good intentions, but I've been busy at work and something had to give. And since I enjoy hiking with her more than training, well... the training gave.

I had also given her a clonidine that morning, just to be safe. I did that partly because her favorite auntie and best doggie friend slept over the night before the trial (and good stress is still stress, after all), and because after the last trial, I thought maybe having it on board in advance would help. It did not. It's supposed to calm a dog down, and it calmed her just a bit too much. I think if she'd had more spunk, she wouldn't have lagged as bad. Oh well- now I know. We'll only use it when she's getting over the top.

I'm really pleased with her performance. Her heeling, while not great, really wasn't that bad. She absolutely nailed the honor exercise (I wish I'd gotten video!), and the judge complimented her very nice stand for exam.

Anyway, this means that my recovering reactive dog is now URO1 Maisy CD-C, RL2, RL1X, CGC.


Jen said...

Congratulations! Good job to both of you!

lorac said...

Loved it! The figure 8 short cut that she took to catch up was adorable. Good thinking on her part. You also looked more relaxed and having fun. Laughing at the foibles of dogs (including mine) and handlers (including me) is one of the aspects of competition that I enjoy. There's no end to the silliness. :)

Crystal Thompson said...

My dog is brilliant. Completely wrong, but brilliant, lol. I love her so much, and I'm really happy with how she did.

Chris and Mike said...

Your attitude in the video was super! That's one reason Maisy is doing so well. What's life without laughter? You are smitten with your good girl, and she reflects it right back to you!