Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Modeling, Take 2

Maisy had another modeling job a few weeks ago, this time for Halloween costumes! It’s a little weird to think about Halloween when we still have snow on the ground (even Maisy, the snow-bunny, is getting tired of this), but there you go. Anyway, I’ve never been one to dress my dog up, but HOLY COW you guys. She was so freaking cute that I might have to reconsider.

So here’s what happened: When Maisy and I arrived for her photo shoot, Barbara (Maisy’s agent), the art director, and the animal wrangler person (dang it, I can’t remember their names) all exclaimed, “It’s Maisy!” I guess she’s memorable! Barbara told me that when they were casting, the art director saw Maisy’s picture and requested her again because she was so awesome. Yay!

The set was largely the same: white backdrop, lights on three sides, huge camera attached to a computer that automatically pulled up the pictures. The only that that was different from our first shoot was the addition of a table that the dogs were to stand on. Then the costumes were brought out. Maisy shot three different costumes. For each one, she needed to sit at an angle with her butt facing the camera. They shot the body first and then had her look back over her shoulder to shoot the face. 

She can wear a T-Rex on her head, but heaven forbid
she have to wear a coat! This, by the way, is a
Made by MeadowCat coat. They do custom coats and
collars. Super, super, super cute stuff and great quality!
The first costume was the time-honored long-dog costume of a hot dog. It was pretty cute. Next up was an adorable seal, which included a head piece. But my absolute favorite was the T-Rex. The head piece was a bit big for her actual head, making it absolutely hilarious!

Throughout the shoot, Maisy was amazing. She gave tons of personality- at one point the art director came over, looked at the computer screen, and said, “That’s the money shot!” She also had to deal with some pretty difficult stuff for a recovering reactive dog: the intimidating set; me and the wrangler person moving how she was sitting; wearing costumes (not her favorite thing!); having the costume person adjust the way it was laying, smoothing out wrinkles, using a lint roller to remove loose hairs, etc. She was awesome!

After her nearly hour-long shoot, she was tired, hot, and uncooperative. She kept laying down. Thankfully, everyone was fine wrapping up her shoot at that point. They all understood that if you push a dog too hard, she might not want to do it in the future. I was grateful for that.

It was a very fun experience, and I am now excited for Halloween. We don’t get to see the photos or even find out if our dogs will be used until the products are out in the store. It’s a total bummer, but it does make going shopping more fun!


MTWaggin said...

Yay you girls! Can't wait to see the photos and sounds like Miss Maisy has found her true calling!

Joanna said...

I'm so impressed Maisy handled all that so well! It's not just impressive for a formerly-reactive dog -- it's impressive for ANY dog!