Friday, April 26, 2013

Review: Made by MeadowCat Coats and Collars

Get it off! Get it off!
Maisy does not wear clothes. She hates them. Also, she doesn’t really need them. Even in the most frigid of Minnesota winters, she is perfectly warm in her own fur. However, we are going on a backpacking trip in Northern Minnesota in May, and because we will be spending prolonged periods of time outside overnight (when it’s much cooler, of course), she has to wear something. 

Of course, discovering you need a dog coat in the spring is bad timing. Even worse, because Maisy is actually quite petite under all that hair, it is next to impossible to find something that is small enough to fit but also long enough for her corgi-ish body.

Which is where Made by MeadowCat comes in! The owner, Nicole, makes custom coats and collars, and they are awesome! We got to test a coat and two collars. Here’s what I think of them:

Oh! This isn't so bad. And it's so cute!
The coat is freaking adorable. I love the colors and the patterns. So sweet. Here’s the coolest part though: Nicky made this coat for Maisy WITHOUT her measurements. And it fits really well! My only complaint is that I’d like it to be just a teensy bit longer in the back (like two inches would be awesome), but even so, it fits well enough that I will pack this for our trip.

 The construction is nice; she does some fancy stitch on her sewing machine that prevents the seams from tearing out. Always an important consideration! There is a nice turtleneck effect on the coat to keep Maisy’s neck warm (although I did roll it down because she wasn’t crazy about it).

I’ve seen a number of other coats Nicky has made, and the fleece she chooses for each dog is adorable. I’m amazed by what she finds to suit everyone’s taste. Some of what she has is in stock, and some are custom-ordered. The same holds true for her collars. She has some absolutely adorable ribbons. Maisy has a pretty blue one. (I’d show you, but you can’t see her collars under all that fur!)

Nicky (the cat, not the shop owner)
 models a small dog collar.
The quality is great on the collars, too. She sews the ribbon onto a coordinating nylon base, and let me tell you, as a fellow seamstress, I’m absolutely blown away by her neat top stitching. That is NOT easy.

Anyway, I love these products, and I’d love it if you’d support my friend! Because she’s awesome. And because your dog deserves awesome stuff.

You can check out photos of her satisfied clients (and adorable products on hand) on her Facebook page (just search "Made by MeadowCat"), order directly through her Etsy Shop, or email her at madebymeadowcat(at)gmail(dot)com

Full disclosure: Not only is the owner of Made by MeadowCat a friend of mine, but she also gave me these products for free. That said, she and I agreed that if I hated them, I didn’t have to post about them. So, although I do love Nicky, I also love her products, which is why I’m posting!


Jen said...

What a great review! I "know" Meadowcat from Doberman Talk, and it's been such a pleasure to see her coats and now collars spreading in this magnificent way! Maisy looks fantastic in her coat.

Anonymous said...

Wow what cute coats!! I will bookmark her store for next winter! Jane