Friday, February 21, 2014

Review: Wysong Dream Rabbit Freeze-Dried Treats from

This month, the dogs and I are reviewing Wysong's Freeze-Dried Treats. These are new on, and they're a great addition.

There's a lot to like about these. They come in large, round discs, but break apart easily and with very few crumbs. Although they don't go quite small enough for an intense clicker session with a wee dog, they do break up well enough to reward around-the-house manners. Plus, the dogs like them enough that they make a great high value reward for recalls and the like. The ingredients are good, and the treats are made in the USA. About the only thing I don't like about them is the fact that they have a lot of ingredients. Quality ingredients, but quite a few, which is a concern for the allergy dogs among us. But, it's a teeny, tiny quibble.

For all those great qualities, though, I haven't yet told you about the best thing. These treats are magical.* For reals, these things are so good, I was able to make this bit of wizardry happen:

Maisy, Pyg, Napi, dead fox toy, and Lola

Yup. All four of my dogs sat at the same time.** And only one of them has actually been trained! The other three have gotten some of the basics, but I wouldn't call them trained by any stretch of the imagination. Magical treats.

Anyway, now is the time for the disclaimer: I got these free, I think they're awesome, and no one told me to say that.

* Okay, they probably aren't actually magical.

** What's that? You're wondering since when I've got four dogs? Good question! Maybe I'll answer this soon. Or maybe no one reads these reviews, and I won't have to explain my statement. I guess we'll see...

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Abby said...

We got these treats too! They're great. And yes, so curious to read about your now FOUR dogs! Cuties.