Sunday, August 17, 2014

Project Gratitude: The Rabies Challenge Fund

In September 2013, Maisy became suddenly and critically ill. Our blog readers rallied around us, providing us with the emotional and financial support needed to get through a very stressful time. Although I will never be able to pay you all back, I can pay it forward through Project Gratitude. Please email me at reactivechampion (at) gmail (dot) com if you have an individual or cause that you would like me to consider donating to.

For Project Gratitude this month... er, *coughlastmonthcough*... I donated to the Rabies Challenge Fund. This project is dedicated to determining the length of immunity the rabies vaccine provides. I love vaccines - LOVE THEM - but that doesn't mean I want to give them more often than I need to. The Rabies Challenge Fund is trying to extend the current rabies booster interval from a maximum of 3 years to 5 years and eventually 7 years. It would also determine an actual rabies titer standard, allowing titer exemptions to be written into law. 

The Rabies Challenge Fund is at a critical juncture; they have recently gotten a commitment from a USDA-approved facility to complete the challenge tests, but they need money to do this. PLUS, they currently have a dollar-for-dollar match available, which means that I donated like twice as much money! Awesome.

If you are interested in minimal vaccine protocols, want to be part of science, or if you have a dog like mine with a wacky immune system that makes future vaccinations a bit scary, please consider donating! :)

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