Sunday, September 28, 2014

Review: Primal Dry Roasted Chicken Shredders from

After a six month hiatus, we’re back reviewing awesome treats from! This time around, we received some treats from Primal Pet Products, which has always been one of my favorite pet companies.

These are the Primal Dry RoastedChicken Shredders. They remind me a bit of chicken jerky, except they are easier to break up into smaller pieces. Also, they aren’t made in China (they are from right here in the good ol’ USA), so that’s awesome, too.

On the plus side, these are single ingredient, grain free, and easy to break up. On the minus side, I can’t get the pieces as small as I would like for training. Also, they leave a weird Cheetos-like residue on my fingers, so I wouldn’t want to handle them a lot.

Conclusion: An awesome and wholesome treat for special occasions or jackpots (if your dog likes them that much- mine do!), but not a great training treat. Totally my own opinion, and I wasn’t paid to say that. I did get free treats, though!

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