Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy Gotcha Day, Pyg

I had a hard time deciding which day we should celebrate Pyg's Gotcha Day: today, the one year anniversary of the day he first came to live with me as a "foster" dog, or next week, the anniversary of the day I formally adopted him. I chose today because, let's be real, he was never actually a foster dog. I planned to keep him before I even met him.

I seem to have a habit of adopting dogs on impulse, and so far, that's worked out for me. I ADORE this dog. I really haven't accomplished much with him in the way of training and dog shows, but it doesn't seem to matter. He fits well in my household (which has expanded greatly since I adopted him), and he is definitely the most behaviorally sound dog of the four of them.

When I think back to what he was like a year ago to what he's like now, well... he hasn't really changed at all, and he's completely different. If that makes any sense. When he first came home, he'd been in foster homes for quite awhile. He had made a weekend-long plane/car/plane journey to get here. He did NOT like crates after that! He was nervous and a bit reactive. He was playful, yet had an off-switch.

He still isn't crazy about crates, but he's got a great understanding of staying in there until released. He's incredibly confident; very little phases him, even when the other three dogs are barking hysterically. He climbs on things and under things. He's friendly. He LOVES TO BE TOUCHED. Oh my. If you stop petting him, he will paw at your hand until you start again. It's obnoxious, but also pretty awesome. He continues to be playful, and he continues to have that really nice off-switch.

He loves to go hiking. I took him on the spring backpacking trip, and he pretty much thought that was the best thing ever. He was enthusiastic and happy to be hiking, and would curl up nicely in the tent with me at night. It was just wonderful.

Thanks for the great year, buddy. I'm so glad you showed up in my Facebook feed last year. I'm so glad I took a chance on you.

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Chris and Mike said...

Happy Gotcha Day, both of you!