Saturday, November 16, 2013

Review: Merrick Hungry Dog Value Pack Dog Chew Treats from

This month, was kind enough to send us the Merrick Hungry DogValue Pack Dog Chew Treats to review. Now, we've reviewed a lot of things for the blog, and we've liked them all well enough, but here's something I really, truly will buy again.

When the box containing these chewies arrived at my office, my first thought was: whoa. Did they run out of normal-sized boxes? Because that box was big. But no. The bag of treats was big, too. In fact, it was 2 pounds, which is a huge amount of treats for less than ten bucks.

Something that cheap, you expect to get junk. It's not, though. I can't claim to know everything that sells, but everything I've seen on their site is good quality. (I wouldn't feed it to my dogs if it wasn't, free or not.) These chewies, for example, are all U.S.-made. None of that scary crap from China!

The Hungry Dog Value Pack is more like a surprise grab bag than a standardized product. When Merrick has an item that's misshappen or too big or too small to sell as part of their standard line, they instead package up all those things as the Value Pack. Consequently, you get some a random mix of odd-sized/shaped items. The pack we received (only half of which is pictured since the rest was eaten before I thought to get the camera out!) included ears, snouts, tails, hooves, and knuckle bones. The reviews on suggests that others have gotten horns or antlers.

My dogs loved these. Like, gobbled them up and begged for more. So I was surprised when I saw several reviews stating that the Value Pack is only suitable for big dogs, or that the items are too big for smaller guys. I mean, I have small dogs. Maisy is 16 pounds and Pyg is 12 or 13. Neither of them had trouble with anything in the bag.

So, two thumbs and eight paws up from our household!

Disclosure notice or whatever: sent me these for free, but didn't tell me what to say. I just really liked these!

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